FREE STARTER ICONS for epiNote HD+ (v 2.0.6)


  1. On the PC/Desktop/Notebook which you use to synchronize with your iPad, launch any browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc), go to and click on the FREE ICONS link on the right to display this web page.
  2. Select an icon from the list below and download to your PC (right-click on an icon below and save it to your desktop, keeping the original filename).  Or download the collection in a zip file by clicking here .
  3. Start iTunes and connect your iPad.
  4. Locate your iPad under Devices on iTunes.
  5. Click the Apps Tab, then scroll down to the FILE SHARING area.
  6. Locate and click epiNote HD+ under the Apps list.  The epiNote HD+ Documents will appear on the right panel.
  7. Simply drag your downloaded icon from your downloaded location to the epiNote HD+ Documents area. The icon will be copied to the iPad and will appear when you run epiNote HD+ and tap the ICONS button.
ico_01-Misc Color_01 Green Arrow Button ico_01 Misc Color_02 Blue Question Button ico_01 Misc Color_03 Red Cancel Button ico_01 Misc Color_04 Yellow Alert ico_01 Misc Color_05 Red Heart ico_01 Misc Color_06 Facebook
ico_01 Misc Color_07 Twitter ico_01 Misc Color_08 Red Star ico_01 Misc Color_09 Yellow Star Button ico_01 Misc Color_10 Yellow Wait Button ico_01 Misc Color_11 Green OK Button ico_01 Misc Color_12 Red NO Button

  Generic grayscale icons (you can add color in epiNote HD+)

ico_02 Arrows_01 Gray Filled ico_02 Arrows_02 Outline ico_03 Buttons_01  Round ico_03 Buttons_01a Round Border ico_04 Speech Bubbles_01 Balloon ico_04 Speech Bubbles_01a Balloon border